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Sorry, We're Closed

March 2020

Sorry, we’re closed.
The earth that is.
The earth and what seem like all its occupants.
The other day when I went to the supermarket and was able to purchase eggs (two package limit) with ease, I walked out and said Thank you GD from the depth of heart. Truth is, the intensity of that gratitude surprised even me…I felt so ridicules, but here it was…I hadn’t had to wait on a long and had left the store with everything that I needed. WOW! Gratitude for going to the supermarket! In the united states in the year 2020!  I thought I left all that behind when I left Iran. The dreaded long lines, the price gouging, the fear of running out…Talk about perspective.
Isn’t it amazing that we are back to basics?
That’s the new “it” phrase. The only businesses staying open are the essential ones and the only things people I know are buying are the necessities. Gone are the days that we scrounged the sales racks for those coveted shoes. Now we hunt the isles in search of toilet paper.  How far we’ve come. How low we’ve fallen.
Suddenly the cashier at the store is truly an essential worker, along with the doctors on the front line…
It’s as if gd has pressed a giant pause button and we, as a whole have been frozen in place. Not more than once over the past week have I felt that we’ve been stuck in the middle of a viscous substance trying hard to move forward, but no matter how much we try, the world, the air, the space around us is holding us in place…
Is this gd giving us a big wake up call? Has he been watching us from up in his throne, looking at his creation and shaking his head? Maybe this is the only way that he could make us all stop, take a breath and force us to reevaluate everything that has been taking place around us- and in our personal lives. And I realized, all of this has happened for us so suddenly and we have all been blindsided, and he, and he alone, could make it all go away in the blink of an eye. If he can split the sea, he can surely bring on a cure.
Because if there ever was a test from gd, this must be it. People are losing jobs, businesses are closing (some forever) the economy is sinking…Not one day passes that I don’t hear of someone I know who’s been inflicted with this terrible virus. And my heart shakes each time…and what’s even worse is that so many of the sick are not able to be visited and are suffering alone without a loving hand to embrace them or give a comforting hug.
Now, more than ever, is when we need to place our full trust in gd, because, frankly, what we would be left with otherwise is Anger, anxiety, fear and hate. In a time where everything is spinning out of control, the only thing we can control is our attitude towards all of this.
So maybe it’s time for us, me and you, to step aside and let gd in. Now, more than ever is a time that we need to exercise our full emunah, faith and trust in him. Perhaps now, that it is harder than ever before, is a time to raise our hands up to the skies and pray from the depth of our hearts:
“I say of the Lord who is my refuge and my stronghold, my God in whom I trust, that He will save you from the ensnaring trap, from the destructive pestilence.” Psalm 91
Praying for the full healing of all the sick and for a cure.

The Grain of the Land, Work
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