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Sleeping With The Enemy

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As this goes on longer then any of us expected and our patience wears low i started thinking of all the people who are stuck at home...and there’s a whole lot of us.

Because let’s face it, in between the sidewalk chalk art, three lovely, quality family meals together, finger paints, and every night a movie night, we’re getting pretty darn exhausted by now.

I’m sure there’s been a couple fights, some crumbs on the floors and just a few more loads of laundry to keep us on our toes—-all of which has lead to possibly one, or more, of midday drinks (and YOU know I’m taking about coffee here)

When my son accidentally spilled exactly 3,486 pieces of rice onto the kitchen floor (don’t ask me how i know!), one daughter left the remnants of her special dinner menu behind for yours truly to clean up and another one told me how she is sick of seeing me ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, well, i breathed and went for a walk.

And that’s when i though how amazing that my children, and yours too, could roam through the rooms of our homes, ruling the roost.

And a nagging thought nauged at me, not for the first time since we’ve been pushed into the comforts of our homes in order to save the human race:

What about the little girl or boy for whom going to school meant leaving the monster in the house behind? And the woman who is locked behind closed doors for weeks on end with her enemy. My heart went to the child whose crumbs left behind undoubtedly means the harsh feel of a belt on her delicate skin.

For the woman who so desperately needs her husband, her abuser, her tormentor to leave for work, so she can breath, even if just for few short the woman whose husband is holding her hostage, under the pretense of “having symptoms” and forced to “shelter in place” but the only shelter she wants to get to is an anonymous building with an ambiguous phone number, one that could render her much needed protection.

And i thought as we all tuck our children in at night and blow good night kisses to our loved ones, how a little girl or boy is dreading the monster that comes out at night and is praying, harder than anyone out here, for there to be cure, so maybe, just maybe, she could run to her teacher in the morning and ask for help.

Because if there’s anything worst than being at home with no where to go, is to be stuck

At home with a monster who is watching your every step and unleashing his or her wrath upon you.

So when we pray for a cure, a vaccine, let’s pray for those whose homes are not the safe heaven that it’s meant to be. For those who need to leave in order to reach freedom. For those who need a second to simply breath.

May gd bless all our home and answer all our prayers. May the plague of this virus pass over all our homes and grant us all health and safety.

If you know of anyone in need please use the following contacts to reach out to The Na Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1−800−799−7233

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